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a journey between language and culture

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Sì, lo voglio! Yes, I do!

It is undeniably true that Italy can offer some of the most romantic settings in the world to get married. The most beautiful day of your life will be even more memorable if is held in an idyllic décor, amidst vineyards, old palazzos in a picturesque village or in a medieval castle.

It will be just as memorable if you happen to order the wrong cake or arrange the wedding for another day than the one you'd intended. It might just not be as much fun as you'd thought, or rather, it will be extremely funny many, many years later.

I can hear you thinking "Now why on earth would I have ordered the wrong cake or the wedding for a different date?". Well, if your Italian is not quite up to it, you don't know your way around and you still try to do everything yourself, then disaster might occur. What should you do then? Get a wedding planner who speaks your own language and Italian too! So basically, one of the foreign locals.

If you would like to get married in Umbria or Tuscany, I can highly recommend a local wedding planner, Liesbeth, who has been living in Umbria for several years now with her family; she knows the locals and how things work here.

Huwelijk in Italie and Italian Wedding in Umbria

Liesbeth & Guido moved to Italy from Holland and their 'can do' personalities quickly transformed what was merely a dream into a bustling business. They will go out of their way to create a special wedding day for you.

I fear to think what your wedding might be like without them........

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