Theatrical representation by OMSK / Lotte van den Berg

Theater der Zeit
Theater der Zeit

One of the leading German magazines in the field of theatre and politics. I translated the entire special edition on The Netherlands and Flanders from Dutch to English

We do not all speak the same language and many of us prefer our native language. The world is becoming ever more global and language can at times be an issue. Having a clear understanding of what you're dealing with helps avoid misinterpretations. It is important that the intended message is conveyed clearly and accurately.

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to work on the translation of many types of texts, from and to Dutch, English and Italian, such as contracts, articles, websites, short stories, emails, 

marketing campaigns, manuals, as well as a book (in coordination with the writer), which we hope to see published this year.

The clients I have worked with vary greatly, I have for example had the privilege to work with a number of well-known Dutch theatre companies and done translations for modern and classical theatre makers - translating their websites, newsletters, 

theatrical representations as well as the special edition of one of the leading German magazines Theater der Zeit focusing on theatre and politics, from Dutch to English -; 

I have also had the great pleasure of working in wine and real estate - translating company websites, doing email campaigns, organising events and tours -, I have worked on various online dictionary projects, but also done 

tourism-related content for websites offering tours throughout the world, I have translated a great number of legal texts and contracts, technical manuals, insurance claims and much more.

In addition to this, since 2006 I have been a member, as Dutch language expert, of the Regione Umbria exam commission for the admission of tour guides in Umbria. 

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