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My name is Pauline, and I translate from / to Italian, English and Dutch.


I am a Dutch native speaker with a Master's Degree in Italian Language & Literature, living in Italy. I was raised bilingually and spent a large part of my childhood in English-speaking countries.


As a translator & interpreter, I have experience in various fields, such as legal, technical manuals, theatre, tourism, real estate and wine; I also translated a travel book (in coordination with the writer), which we hope to see published this year. I also regularly interpret at weddings here in Italy.


I have written a number of short articles over the past years, on living abroad, on real estate and on wine. I have experience in creating email marketing campaigns and organising events.


I am also a qualified estate agent and work as a part-time sales agent; in addition to these activities, I enjoy spending time at my parents' vineyard where I help out in the vineyard and in the cellar.

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